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Regular Coffee - $3.99

A shot of espresso topped steamed and foamed milk. Designed for coffee lovers.

Iced Coffee - $4.99

Get refreshed! Introducing a lemonade with a touch of mint and ginger that make for the perfect sip, when you are chillin’

Americano - $5.99

A double shot of espresso topped with hot water, served with a complimentary milk on the side.

Caffé Corretto Coffee - $5.99

A light coffee accompanied by a shot of Espresso and complimented with steamed milk.

Cappuccino - $6.99

A delightful international gourment blend that includes a double shot of espresso brewed from a blend of imported coffee beans topped with steamed and foamed milk.

Vanilla Latte - $7.99

Cranberry flavored hot coffee, garnished with a cream swirl, drizzled with cocoa topping and dried cranberries. The magical ingredient.

Customer feedback

Blessing in this summer. The nuts here tasted like NUTTIES (My all-time favorite). Although the quantity was a little less than expected it was satisfying because it was served with ice cream.

– Jessica Grey

One of the best places to hang out in New York City. Staff is very courteous. Two cups of coffee and a sandwich is all your requirements to while away two hours. Nice ambiance and great coffee. I passed by this shop while doing my work removals to Portugal from UK and I love this!

-Ju Mah


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book your table

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Monady – friday09:00AM – 08:00PM

Saturday11:00AM – 08:00PM

Sunday10:00AM – 05:00PM

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+1(845) 738 4349