I would like to apologize on behalf of myself and John. Although we were thoroughly invested in the quality of last Saturday’s show, we were having a little bit of an attention span issue. See, “Best All Time Game Fights of the Boston Bruins,” was on the tv at Stewart’s, and both John and I were staring with wide-eyed rapture as the moustached hockey players of the 70’s bashed each other’s skulls into the bleachers with pure testosterone-driven zeal. If anything, I think watching it added a little something to our performance, but none the less, sorry for the lack of eye contact. Besides that small concentration issue, I think Saturday’s show was our strongest yet, since I’ve been around anyway, largely due to the ridiculous talent of our fiddle all-star Betty. As my favorite local bartender says, “Holy Hannah!” I am willing to get past the stereotype of a roots band covering “Devil Went Down to Georgia,” solely based on her performance. She sounded better than the recording. Seriously. But, of course, everyone rocked. Although Bob seemed oddly euphoric. Hm… -Julia

Was my shirt really that see-through?

Yes, yes it was. I guess more than my singing ability was revealed at my first show. Other than that small strike against my modesty, I had a simply marvelous time at Stewart’s. To those of you who came- thanks so much for making it a fun experience for me. And to those of you who didn’t- well, I hope that after seeing previously discussed photos you will make the effort next time. Also, for goodness’ sake, people better start friending me on myspace. I have 6 friends, and they are all in the band. It’s getting pathetic.

Just a thank you to everyone who came out to Stewarts and welcomed Julia to the band as well as welcoming Mark back. The show was great, we all had a great time and look forward to this month’s show. CHECK OUT the mp3 player as the first track is our new track on the Boston Burlesque Expo CD! Julia will be writing some news spots to keep you updated and give you some of her personal feedback