Endsville -Hooker Street Studios HSS001 -2005

Now, here we have a prize winner. It has been a while since BluesBunny has heard an album that works so well as a complete item. The whole album flows beautifully including a whole variety of influences such as Delta blues, Mexican music and Lynyrd Skynyrd. It all gels so well that it is difficult to pick a favourite track (OK, if I had to, I would have to go for “Rosalie”).
Other top tracks include the horn led “Scurry” and penultimate track, the deadly “Bury Me Not”.
BluesBunny also appreciates the special touches such as having vinyl-like crackles throughout the album. Did I mention that this release is their first in their current incarnation? A strong recommendation therefore.
Go without beer this week and buy this CD instead. You won’t regret it.
Five Carrots

Live Review from our residency at Stewart’s Pub:

“ Not exactly what I would call country, Rev.Bob & the Darkness are not exactly not country, either; they are simultaneously a look into where that genre has been and may yet go. Gothic elements and supernatural lyrics blend with a clearly rock based rhythm and traditional instrumentation (the holy rock trinity of guitar, bass and drums are augmented by accordion, fiddle and trumpet) to produce something so seamlessly good that it should be easily categorized, but I’ll be darned if I can do it. It’s kind of like Bauhaus found themselves in Bob’s Country Bunker (a la the Blues Brothers) and did their damnedest to give the patrons a show…A puzzling combo that somehow works very, very well.
 “Wherever they came from, Rev.Bob & the Darkness have clearly spent hours on the trail, perfecting their vocal harmonies and working on their musical chops. The band is tight. The original songs are all well crafted pieces about revenge, love, and the inevitability of fate. The covers (Like a Prayer, Black Horse and the Cherry Tree among others) worked very well, whether they were straight covers or had been retooled into the almost-bluegrass rock and roll the band perfectly unfurls in their original material.
The regulars at the bar were stomping their feet and an impromptu two-step was performed before it was all over.
“Rev.Bob & the Darkness proved that a great Irish Pub in Everett, MA could be just as menacing as the Gem Saloon in an episode of Deadwood, but could be even more entertaining. A great time was had by all in attendance

, and as long as the Reverend has his time machine operating and the channel to the old west remains open, the people will keep coming back to hear their take on this trail of tears we’re all traveling.”
-Ed Charbonnier Musician & Booker for Stewarts Pub in Everett, MA