In the recent times, there are a lot of opportunities for independent musicians to work and make themselves available for a larger part of the audience. The case wasn’t the same a decade ago. It was the time when a lot of technology were budding and weren’t as prominent as they are today. There were only two types of marketing, television, and word-of-mouth. So, struggle to get noticed was much more than you can imagine. Here we are going to talk about a band that had a hard time streaming up initially but finally has won the hearts of millions of music lovers.

Rev.Bob and Darkness

History of Rev.Bob and Darkness:

  • The band began in the year 2007 with just two people, Mark and Dark Mark. It was a band that originated from Boston. They wanted to make a mark in the music fraternity with the rock music that they know. The years in which they were struggling to get noticed, were believed to be the days were the Rock culture was fading out. So any rock music that came out at that time keenly watched and was highly judged.
  • In addition to this, the membership of the band wasn’t consistent. The members who came into the band didn’t stay put. They kept switching, and the duo found it difficult to manage. So they had to gain support from family and friends to back up the shows that they were performing.
  • Gradually they team gained strength. They kept going no matter what, fighting against all odd tides. They began with plain and formal music and then slowly ventured into different forms and styles f music that people were looking forward to.
  • They started gaining support from the locales of Boston, and slowly they began to spread their wings. They began to mix music. They collaborated with different people who were experts in different forms of music. This helped them gain the support that they wanted from fans and general audience. They produced songs that suited almost all events. However, most of their songs fell into the categories, Rock and Gothic Blues.
  • All most all their songs formed a specific pattern. They composed songs that focussed on specific concepts and had a mixture of emotions. They covered areas such as love, betrayal, murder, obsession and much more.
  • Apart from the versatility, they show in composition, and they also use different combinations of instruments that make their compositions unique. This made them stand out of the crowd.
  • So far the band has released two albums, which are Endsville and Gallows Hill. Each album comprises of 17 songs. Apart from that, they have released few individuals collaborating with other artists.