First of all- Sky Bar totally rocked, and thanks to everyone who made it out to see us or the three other great bands we got to play with. It was a really fun night for all, and I know that I personally enjoyed playing with some other bands for a change. If you aren’t aware of the groovy tunes of Sharecropper, Thunderpants Johnson, and Dirt Water Refuge, you best check them out. Our most recent show at Stewart’s was also very cool. The impending Nor’eastern scared some away at the beginning, but by the third set the joint was jumping and we all had a great, relaxed show.

I can’t say enough about how much fun that pub is. It’s really as close to an authentic UK pub you can get to in this country, and the owners are simply adorable. And their french fries are sublime. So the word on the street is that for our Stewart’s shows this summer there’s going to be post-show pool party madness at our friend Ed’s pad. It’ll be like all those ’50’s pool parties where Annette sings a song about how much she loves making out with surfer boys and then everyone jumps in the pool and does the hand jive, which is lucky, cuz that’s pretty much the only dance I know. Thanks for reading, guys! See you at Stewart’s on Cinco de Mayo