Best Dog Food for Pitbulls. S veterinarians ban cropping pitbulls ears docking Accessed February 10, Occupational Hearing Loss 3rd ed. Bullshit, it is purely cosmetic unless you use your dog for fighting?

cropping pitbulls ears

Let me cut off parts of your ears, bud. Ear cropping is believed to have started in ancient Rome. I actually fixed my male and female that they behavior got worse and my dogs are weight pulling dogs and I had to stop taking them because of their aggressive behavior to other dogs. Ear cropping has been performed on dogs since ancient times. Clean with peroxide 3 times daily. Mind ya damn buisiness. The portion to be removed is determined according to the type of cut you choose.

This tends to happen often in breeds like Great Danes, pit bulls, The problem is that ear cropping amounts to nothing more than forced.

Laws , Regulations in Turkey. May I ask how many holes do you have in your earlobes? It just depends of the Vet. He must be given timely vaccinations, must be dewormed and should be in really good health. The cone is there to prevent your pup from ripping their stitches, which is very important to the proper healing process.

Please stop with the supposed health benefits. The ears are cleaned well, before measuring and marking the portion to be cut. This is a myth. Even this is not proved scientifically.

cropping pitbulls ears

Occupational Hearing Loss 3rd ed. In case of fighting and hunting dogs, floppy ears could be bitten off. Your dog will definitely be out-of-sorts for a night or two. Small Dogs That Bark Less. I would say unnatural-unnecessary cruelty for pleasure of torcher is cruelty to an ultimate level.

Ear cropping is banned in various countries across the world, especially in Europe. Is your husband circumcised? Current veterinary science provides no medical or physical advantage to the animal from the procedure, [1] [2] leading to concerns over animal cruelty related to performing unnecessary surgery on the animals. But to allow damage when it can be prevented is the ultimate cruelty.

Wow whar a tone deaf, idioitic statment. The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association opposes all cosmetic alterations. Teddy Bear Dog Breed.

Cropping (animal)

Best Dog Breeds that are Good with Kids. The vet will also give you any instructions on what to do the night before the surgery. I am not for or against ear cropping, however, how would you possibly know if your dog was in pain or not? I did and slowly watched my sharpie become deaf because of it. Short crops and show crops have the greatest chance of standing erect.

Retrieved 20 March I have a Dogo Argentine they need the ears crop for war in the field with hogs for better hearing and to prevent biting when engaged.

Cropped ears is no different. Dogs may have their ears cropped, legally or not, for participation in dogfights, themselves illegal in many jurisdictions.

cropping pitbulls ears

Pit bulls are often described as ferocious dogs with alert ears. The 'raised-ear' look of these dogs is achieved through ear cropping, a surgical.

OK what about male circumcision…I was circumcised without my permission and the ladies love my cropping pitbulls ears for doing it. Do you have tattoos? I know of people the were against cropping their dogs earsbecause they thought it was cruel and wanted to keep the cute floppy ears. Use peroxide and Neosporin at cropping pitbulls ears 2 or 3 times a day. What a selfish, disgusting human being you are to do that.

cropping pitbulls ears

Also use a small amount of neosporin once daily. There has been scientific research on the matter and ear shape has little to do with infection rates. This practice was intended to prevent injury to dogs that were raised for working, hunting or fighting.

Ear Cropping: Essential tips for puppy owners

Two surgical procedures -- ear cropping and tail docking -- have long been routine in certain breeds like Dobermans, German shorthaired pointers, and schnauzers. Cropping -- cutting off the floppy part of a dog’s ear -- is usually performed on anesthetized dogs between 6 and

Essential tips for puppy owners. Then go out and monitor the entire ecological systems and prevent rats from being snake food so snakes can died from hunger…oh wait you have to protect snakes too…damn! However, there is a great vet in Greenwood, SC that is great with all animals and very knowledgeable with reasonable prices. Unrestricted [ citation needed ]. I actually fixed my male and female that they behavior got worse and my dogs are weight pulling dogs and I had to stop taking them because of their aggressive behavior to other dogs. Is it really necessary to get your pit bull's ears trimmed? Banned for cosmetic purposes [28].


Even if you have friends that have ear piercing and you say nothing to them then you are the pot calling the kettle black. Ear-cropping is still widely practiced in the United States and parts of Canada, with approximately , puppies in the United States thought to have their ears cropped each year.

cropping pitbulls ears

Pretty much how my bully girl reacted, I have to protect her from her. Pit bulls are often described as ferocious dogs with alert ears. Good lord you are uninformed and just cast your judgment on people before you even know the story. Peroxide should only be used as the initial cleaning product. I have owned two Doberman Pinchers, I had both their ears cropped. Your vet may keep your dog overnight, or you might be able to take them home the same day.


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