Over 11yrs ago I found out about our pets are being over vaccinated. He's been on a steady diet of Royal Canine for about six years, gets a small bacon type treat now and then, I give him Rejuvenate dog sick after rabies shot his hip and joint relief and Vet Classics No Scoot for the anal glands. LoveDogs April 12, 3:

dog sick after rabies shot

As for rabies shots, he barely touches the needle to the skin, and then throws the full syringe in the trash. I have always felt it was due to the rabies vaccine. I didn't think any state allowed titers in place of the vaccine. We will never know the true cause of her death since I was too shocked and stunned at 3: She was started on meds to help improve the kidney and liver function. New to Whole Dog Journal? If the titer shows the dog is covered, the owner should be allowed to opt out.

Learn to recognize side effects from your puppy's rabies shot. If your dog has had a bad reaction to a rabies vaccine, you can ask your vet to occur within hours to days after vaccination, and also delayed reactions, both.

Max's license recently came up for renewal we live in Arizona and his rabies was due. Has anyone else experienced this? He lived another 4 plus years. If the titers are low, I will allow the rabies shot. Stephenie D April 12, 1:

dog sick after rabies shot

But this is certainly suspicious and I am ready to support that organization challenging the excessive use of vaccines. My vet wasn't too keen on giving it also but seeing that he made it to that ripe age she convinced me that it probably wouldn't harm him. Possibly, but like Nancy I've seen this too many times with friends dogs and now my own, to not make the link to the vaccine. Best of all no more rabies shots and lots of dog friendly beaches! I wonder if date of application in each state was different, or if they all came under the illegal 'mandate' at the same time. Would not the tine test be an alternative?

From age 2, her only health issue was hypothyroidism for which she took a thyroid supplement. I would venture to guess all too often immuno compromised, and other ill pets are regularly given these injections, unbeknownst to the owner. I hate getting any shots for my tiny 5 pound Papillon. Many of us put their needs ahead of our own.

DewLuv April 12, I haven't gotten a dog license in many years. The licensing period may expire on a Sunday, mail delivery may vary by a day or two, etc.

I went through the process of getting a medical exemption in lieu of a rabies vaccination for my senior dog 10 years ago and so I'm familiar with the process. But what are we to do? I didn't know about the potential harm of rabies vaccines to senior dogs.

Is Rabies Vaccine Harming Your Pets?

He was not given the vaccine and I signed a paper to protect the vet. She took long walks with us and played with the ball nonstop until we got tired. I have a senior who I may try to somehow exempt when her next vaccination is due.

So I don't have to worry about the connection between the license and rabies, I still want to make sure her rabies vaccine is still working. I have submitted a sample for my 10yo cocker; she had received a puppy shot, one 1-yr shot and two 3-yr shots. And every year someone's living is wiped out by a rabid fox going through their dairy herd and some children have to go through the rabies shot protocol because they petted a stray dog or cat that took off.

Bella and Breeze's Mom April 12, 2: Actually I have been told the directional insert for the rabies vaccine states it should only be given to healthy dogs. If the titer shows the dog is covered, the owner should be allowed to opt out.

dog sick after rabies shot

Signs Your Dog is Feeling Sick After a Rabies Shot. While veterinarians have scientific research that the rabies vaccination does not harm your dog, negative.

Any animal that has any disease,allergies or condition should never be over inoculated. Another comment below talked about their dogs legs not working also. Spill it in the comments, below! As such, my dog sick after rabies shot qualifies for an exemption in Michigan. Have you pursued a way to avoid this?

dog sick after rabies shot

We ended up having to put him to sleep. I'm surprised at all of the comments posted that claim their county or state allows titers.

Some of the ways rabies vaccination can harm your dog: Fibrosarcoma at the vaccine must be a one year shot, with revaccination every three years after that. and small dogs are more likely to suffer from ill effects, because they receive the.

The law needs to be changed. By the time she was due for a rabies booster around the age of 7, she already had 2 autoimmune diseases. Not one to mince words, she called her vet and game him a large piece of her mind. My dog fell apart a week after his vaccination against distemper, parvo, etc. That memory of her stomping around the house, swearing, telling anyone who would listen, always comes to mind when I have to get the dreaded rabies vaccinations for my dogs. Sept I took my two 9 yo dogs into the vet for their annual blood workup and a new vet would not work on them because they did not have a recent rabies vax. For those asking about rabies titers, yes, they can be done.

Over 11yrs ago I found out about our pets are being over vaccinated. Many of us put their needs ahead of our own.

dog sick after rabies shot

I had a elderly dog with some sort of immune problem. I'd hate for them to pick up something while we're at the beach, hiking trails, out and about and bring it home to my older baby. I know that they weren't when my parents were growing up in the 's and 30's. I chose to forgo the last rabies vaccine for my 14 year young Greyhound. I want to make one point.


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