She thinks she is as big as a horse. Please re-think what you would be doing to a litter of poor little puppies.

pitbull and weenie dog mix

August 26, 0 found this helpful. I have two dox bull mix I guess they are now called. I've have Hercules since birth, he's a very loyal and calm dog. By pitmom67 [3 Comments]. By dannirbonner [1 Comment].

Not a lot of people have heard or seen a Pitbull Dachshund mix. Pitbull Dachshund Mix Top Reasons Why the Whole Dog World is Going.

Not everyone that has puppy breeds them on purpose. February 22, 0 found this helpful. It is a hybrid of two breeds. But it is a good mix from everything I am seeing. So, while cross breeding can often minimize a vulnerability for example, reducing cancer in Goldens by cross breeding with poodles , anyone assuring you this hybrid as medically sound is likely not expressing any opinion based on data, but theatrical defensiveness. By Frances Adams [11 Posts, Comments].

pitbull and weenie dog mix

So far so good and we also have a 3 year old, and Twinky has been awesome with him. October 13, 0 found this helpful. She had just lost her right hind leg after being hit by a car. Father is a purebred chocolate miniature dachshund mother is a brindle pit and a miniature blue pit.. I am in the Boston area.

We made the mistake of adopting 2 males from the same litter and introduced them into our house with a pit rott mix and English bull dog. By Ashley [5 Comments]. Snooki, my puppy is so cute, the body of a Dachshund the face of a Pitbull. She had just lost her right hind leg after being hit by a car.

I have one and I've never owned a dog that gets more "omg that dog is SO cute! As for breeding large and small breeds together, suspend teenage girl sentimentality and think.

17 Insane Pit Bull Mixes You Need To See Right Now

All About The Pitbull Dachshund Mix (The Dox Bull)

But accidents will happen. Her daddy was wennie, an momma was full pit. We would have loved to have a full breed dog, but I told my husband as long as my boys love the dog and the dog loves them I would rather give a good, grateful dog a home!

By lovekitten84 [1 Comment]. Ok View our Privacy Policy. She plays non stop wjth my pit and he loves having someone to play with because he's still a baby himself.

Has anyone ever heard of a wiener dog breeding with a Pitbull? By Sarah Vilandra V. May 10, 0 found this helpful. And, no, it is not a good idea to breed small and large dogs with one another!

pitbull and weenie dog mix

Rami, a strange dachshund-pit bull mix and rescue dog, finds new life as an animal ambassador.

The shelter says Rami is a sweet dog and will require some training. Please re-think what you would be doing to a litter of poor little puppies. July 25, 0 found this helpful. By Matthew Stacy Scillion S. But he's a cool little dog.

pitbull and weenie dog mix

May just be the puppy in her. November 8, 0 found this helpful.

Can You Cross Breed a Dachshund with a Pit Bull?

My pitbull mix dachshund Bull Terrier Mix, Pitbull Terrier, Huge Dogs, Doxbull Dachshund Mix, Pitbulls, Dog Breeds, Dachshunds, Dachshund, Pit Bulls,. Open.

By lovekitten84 [1 Comment]. Shelter workers waited five days for someone to claim Rami, but when no one did, they put him up for adoption. She moderates her behaviour to match who she is playing with, unless they are ignoring her. Keeping Cats Out of the Christmas Tree. Especially with a small to big dog, this can cause serious problems. She is gorgeous, size between a standard dachshund and a standard American Pit, no part of her is all one or the other except her feet point out like a Dachshund and her ears lay like a pit bull that has not had them clipped. Ad They are a very smart dogs!

I currently have a pitbull beagle mix, and he is amazing. July 24, 0 found this helpful.

pitbull and weenie dog mix

He's a very good dog, and is a very fast learner. This girl was out of town and her mother wasnt watching properly. This doesn't mean I don't like our guy, but I'm not expecting him to be free of dauchshund biomechanical issues. Thank you so much. I am in the Boston area. October 21, 0 found this helpful.


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