These are the fourth and fifth dogs I treating dog diabetes without insulin owned as an adult. She said the only choice was to have both eyes removed immediately. The surgeon wanted to remove the eyes, and then we could see our regular vet to figure out what else was going on to bring all of this on so quickly. Just happen to come here this morning because my wife and i are fighting about how my dog has taken over my life because of diabetes.

treating dog diabetes without insulin

Cats are so stoic! We have decided to just feed him good food for as long as he is able to eat, and when it seems that he is failing, it will be me who takes him to the vet for his final visit. I have been so distressed for 4 days. I feel so bad for her, she's always starving, I'm going through what many of the commenters are. She is doing pretty good ,but is almost blind with cataracts. How do I train a diabetic cat? YOU are afraid of being bitten and the dog can not only feel that fear but now has the fear of the muzzle as well

In almost all cases of canine diabetes, insulin is the recommended treatment. Insulin must be injected and often needs to be given twice daily.

I would try and see if Dia-Ionx for regulating blood sugar balance can be an option for your old girl. July 15, we took I dog to the vet because she was loosing weight so fast in a week. At this point I think it's time to let her enjoy the rest of her life without fearing us. Regardless, I think it is worth finding a veterinarian who can listen and hear what you are saying about you, your cat and treating the diabetes. That event pretty much pushed me to go ahead and move forward , without much delay. And probably better because HE will be calmer!

He gets 7ml 2x a day. I'm in debt, I have two boys in college, I have a difficult time finding dog care when my husband travels since I work full-time. I know he will eat eventually but will be happy to see her and treating dog diabetes without insulin not eat until she leaves. I have read for hours about this decision, blog after blog.

treating dog diabetes without insulin

I specifically asked my vet what she would do if he was her cat and she honestly said she would not put him through it. She has gotten to where she won't eat when I put the liquid in her food. As tears are streaming down my face I am faced with the difficult decision on what to do. I know we have given you an amazing 6 years too. How long will she live with the treatment?

It is time to have this difficult conversation with your vet, for the peace of both you and your cat, who knows how much you love him. She usually has to be persuaded to eat afterwards. He gets 7ml 2x a day. What the life expectancy after diagnosis without any treatment?

I was able to manage her diabetes. I don't mind the cost, or the scheduled injections because i do have a pet sitter that comesif needed. This is so devastating to me, I could have saved her if I was home.

Dog Diabetes - How to Give Insulin Injections

I knew something was wrong so I brought him to the vet and that was 5 days ago. Kelley, My heart goes out to you.

From reading your comments, I would say that neither you nor your cat are happy, and having two maxed out credit cards is not good for anyone. A pet is a family member! Im at a place where i feel like "I just cant go through anymore". Then for me that is exactly what I'm going to do!

Tom, Diabetes is NOT a simple disease. But I would most certainly not allow the animal to live with diabetes the choice is either treat them or put them down. It is immensely helpful to me right now.

treating dog diabetes without insulin

Would you let your kid go without treatment and enjoy them till they die? Marie September My dog has diabetic since 2 months I started with 2 insulin per day.

When I am talking to a client across the examination table, I have to remember that I am not just talking to this person, but treating dog diabetes without insulin everyone else in this person's life: My cat was diabetic April to Apriland went into remission. But I still need to inject her 2 x 1 day its painful for her.

treating dog diabetes without insulin

We've had five cats over the past 27 years and never needed to resort to these tactics, and now this. We just found out our dog has diabetes. He was extremely dehydrated so they gave him fluids, anti-nausea, and an appetite stimulant.

Insulin-deficiency diabetes—This is when the dog's body isn't Without insulin to help convert the glucose in the bloodstream into fuel, high.

First time in 13 years he had ever done that. At the time i feel in love with her it was thought if she got spayed her sugar levesl would drop to normal due to being in a false pregnancy. We use the Vetsulin from the vet but you can easily buy the insulin cheap from Walmart as well as the syringes. They want me to start her on 2 units of humulin 2 x a day at meals, along with the veterinary diet-they wanted kibble form. This brings us back to the vet. Let me see if I can help in some way. I have been through treating a diabetic cat before.

Chico's Natural Diabetes cure

This decision is personal and never an easy one to make. I don't mind the cost, or the scheduled injections because i do have a pet sitter that comes , if needed. We are trying the insulin, he had his first glucose curve and his body is not responding to the insulin.

treating dog diabetes without insulin

Can you afford to continue the care of your cat? I feel incredibly guilty for choosing the day to have a vet visit to put her down. But i just am so lost. That stuff is very expensive, but I researched and learned many brands, such as Friskies and 9-Lives have more protein and fewer carbs than the expensive brands. Today I'm about to go to the vet because of some serious looking complications. I hope all goes well for your girl.


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